Which taylor swift song am i? (2024)

What is the least streamed Taylor Swift song?

These Taylor Swift Songs Are Her Least-Streamed Ever — Should They Be More Popular?
  • "It's Nice to Have a Friend" ...
  • "closure" ...
  • "Innocent" Republic Records. ...
  • "Sad Beautiful Tragic" Republic Records. ...
  • "The Outside" Big Machine Records. ...
  • "Labyrinth" Republic Records. ...
  • "This Love" Republic Records. ...
  • Finally, "epiphany" Taylor Swift.
Oct 26, 2023

What's Taylor Swift's middle name?

Taylor Alison Swift (born December 13, 1989) is an American singer-songwriter.

What is the most underrated Taylor Swift song?

Top 20 Most Underrated Taylor Swift Songs
  • #3: “Would've, Could've, Should've” ...
  • #2: “invisible string” ...
  • “This Love”, “1989” (2014) ...
  • “Sad Beautiful Tragic (Taylor's Version)”, “Red (Taylor's Version)” (2021) ...
  • “marjorie”, “evermore” (2020) ...
  • “ivy”, “evermore” (2020) ...
  • "Mary's Song (Oh My My My)", “Taylor Swift” (2006) ...
  • #1: “Clean”

Who is Taylor Swift's best friend?

Ilana Frost is a contributing writer at PEOPLE. She has been working at PEOPLE since 2023. Her work has previously appeared in Elite Daily, Bustle and The List. It's common Swiftie knowledge that Taylor Swift's best friend is a “redhead named Abigail” — specifically Abigail Anderson.

What are Taylor Swift's least popular songs?

Your 10 most disliked Taylor Swift songs
  • Only The Young.
  • A Place In This World.
  • Mary's Song.
  • Starlight.
  • You Need To Calm Down.
  • ME!
  • Superman.
  • Dancing With Our Hands Tied.
Jan 28, 2023

What is the hardest song of Taylor Swift to sing?

There's one song she'll probably never sing live... ever. Taylor said her hotly anticipated collab with the Dixie Chicks titled 'Soon You'll Get Better' was one of the hardest songs she's ever written saying; "That's a song I don't know if I'll ever play it live. It's just really difficult for me.

What is the most unpopular Taylor Swift album?

"Taylor Swift" is widely regarded as Swift's worst album, but that's only because all her albums are good. Something has to be the "worst" — that's how rankings work — and "Taylor Swift" is often overlooked, being the singer's first and most rudimentary work.

What was Taylor Swift's first song?

Borchetta signed Swift to his fledgling Big Machine label, and her first single, “Tim McGraw” (inspired by and prominently referencing a song by Swift's favorite country artist), was released in the summer of 2006.

Who is Taylor Swift's sister?

Austin Swift
Alma materUniversity of Notre Dame
OccupationsActor producer
Years active2016–present
RelativesTaylor Swift (sister) Marjorie Finlay (grandmother) Andrea Swift (mother)
1 more row

Is Taylor Swift a billionaire?

A new analysis sought to quantify that influence, and the results are impressive: With the success of her Eras tour, Swift now has an estimated net worth of $1.1 billion, Bloomberg Wealth reports, and that figure's only expected to grow as the singer returns to the road.

What's Taylor Swift's favorite number?

Here's a crash course on understanding Swift's Easter eggs: Her favorite number is 13, as she explained in an interview with MTV as early as 2009. “I was born on the 13th. I turned 13 on Friday the 13th. My first album went gold in 13 weeks.

How many #1 songs does Taylor Swift have?

1 on the Billboard Hot 100 — here are all of her songs that topped the chart. Taylor Swift's "1989" vault track "Is It Over Now?" has debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. The song is Swift's 11th chart-topper, joining the ranks of hits like "Shake It Off" and "Anti-Hero."

What Taylor Swift songs does everyone know?

Taylor Swift's 22 most essential songs, ranked
  • "Bad Blood," '1989'
  • "Shake It Off," '1989' ...
  • "White Horse," 'Fearless' ...
  • "Back to December," 'Speak Now' ...
  • "The Story of Us," 'Speak Now' ...
  • "You Need to Calm Down," 'Lover' ...
  • "Red," 'Red (Taylor's Version)' ...
  • "Look What You Made Me Do," 'Reputation' PA Images/Sipa USA. ...
2 days ago

What is Taylor Swift's most listened to on Spotify?

Taylor Swift's 13 most popular songs, ranked by streaming numbers
  • Taylor Swift recently became Spotify's most-listened-to artist.
  • We ranked her 13 most popular songs on the platform by streaming totals.
  • Her top three most-streamed songs are "Blank Space," "Cruel Summer," and "Shake It Off."
Nov 6, 2023

Who was Taylor Swift's first lover?

Joe Jonas (July 2008 - October 2008)

Taylor Swift's first high-profile relationship was with Joe Jonas, a member of the Jonas Brothers.

Who is Taylor Swift's best ex?

Swifties have no problem going “Back to December,” as Taylor Lautner has been deemed Taylor Swift's “best ex” by the pop superstar's fans.

Who is Taylor Swift's famous ex?

Table of exes
John MayerNovember 2009 - February 2010
Jake GyllenhaalOctober 2010 - December 2010
Conor KennedyJuly 2012 - October 2012
Harry StylesDecember 2012 - January 2013
6 more rows

Who is the 1 by Taylor Swift written about?

Image of Who is the 1 by Taylor Swift written about?
Taylor Alison Swift is an American singer-songwriter. Recognized for her songwriting, musical versatility, artistic reinventions, and influence on the music industry, she is a prominent cultural figure of the 21st century.

What four songs did Taylor Swift drop?

The four songs were labeled as "Eras" bonus songs, not tied to any particular album. But three of the tracks, "Eyes Open," "Safe & Sound" and "If This Was A Movie" have all been on versions of albums before. Specifically, they were all on the pre-"Taylor's version" of various albums.

Was Taylor Swift married to Joe Alwyn?

But a source tells Page Six that this is “fully not true.” They never tied the knot or had a ceremony, the insider insisted. There was also buzz that the couple — who were together for six years — were engaged.

What is Taylor Swift's voice type?

All polemics about her voice rounds the thickness of her low notes(what can consider her a Dramatic mezzo-Soprano) and her Alto rough notes.

What is the best Taylor Swift song to karaoke?

15 best Taylor Swift songs for karaoke
  1. Love Story. Love Story is one of the most iconic Taylor Swift songs and for good reason! ...
  2. Shake It Off. ...
  3. You Belong With Me. ...
  4. Blank Space. ...
  5. Anti-Hero. ...
  6. Are you turning 22? ...
  7. I Knew You Were Trouble. ...
  8. We Are Never Getting Back Together.
Jan 20, 2023

Does Taylor Swift have good music?

Obviously, Taylor Swift's music is good. It's catchy. It's a fun listen. Furthermore, she is prolific, having sold albums in record-breaking numbers, maintaining a position as one of the top artists on Spotify and filling stadiums all over the world in her recent Eras Tour.

What song made Taylor Swift famous?

Taylor Swift's ascent to fame was sparked by the 2008 song Love Story. The song captivated audiences of all ages with its enthralling narrative of a contemporary Romeo and Juliet. It became a classic right away thanks to its catchy chorus and sentimental lyrics.

How many cats does Taylor Swift have?

Here's a look at everything to know about Swift's three cats, Meredith, Olivia and Benjamin.


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