What kardashian am i? (2024)

Who is the highest paid Kardashian?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, a website that specialises in estimating how rich the stars are, the Kardashian-Jenner clan boasts a combined fortune that comfortably exceeds $2 billion. And it's Kim Kardashian, the family's most famous member, who has amassed the most significant individual wealth.

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Is Kendall Jenner the most natural?

Whether it's lip fillers or nose jobs, they don't hide away from the fact that they've visited America's top plastic surgeons on various occasions. Kendall is generally considered the most naturally beautiful- her supermodel career is also testament to that.

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What is special about Kardashian?

The Kardashian family (/kɑːrˈdæʃiən/ kar-DASH-ee-ən), also referred to as the Kardashian–Jenner family, is an American family prominent in the fields of entertainment, reality television, fashion design, and business. Through different ventures, several members of the family have assets of over a billion dollars.

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How would you describe keeping up with the Kardashians?

Keeping Up with the Kardashians (often abbreviated KUWTK) is an American reality television series which focused on the personal and professional lives of the Kardashian–Jenner blended family, airing between 2007 and 2021.

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Which Kardashian sister is a billionaire?

Second to Kim Kardashian is the younger of her two half-sisters, Kylie Jenner, who gave rise to a veritable beauty empire when she founded the make-up company Kylie Cosmetics in 2015. In 2019, the now 25-year-old was named by Forbes magazine as the youngest billionaire in the world.

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Who is more rich Kylie or Kim?

Kim Kardashian's net worth stands at $1.7 billion in September 2023, dwarfing her sister Kylie Jenner's $600 million. Her wealth is a result of diverse income streams, from business ventures and endorsements to reality TV earnings.

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Who is the smartest Kardashian?

Kourtney Kardashian claims she's smarter than all her siblings. The reality TV star – who gave birth to Mason, her first child last month – believe she is the most intelligent one in her family, which includes her famous sisters Khloe and Kim.

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Why is Kendall Jenner so private?

In 2021, Kardashians producer Farnaz Farjam explained Jenner's reticence to share her romantic life this way: “Kendall's always had this rule — she felt like she had to be with someone for at least a year before she let them be a part of the show, because she doesn't always know what people's intentions are.

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Who is the most beautiful among the Kardashians?

Kim Kardashian

Kardashian is known for her striking looks and confidence. She has been a style icon for years and has influenced fashion and beauty trends around the world. Kim Kardashian is a highly controversial social media personality, reality TV star, and businesswoman.

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How did Kim Kardashian lose weight?

"I did a strict Atkins diet. Strict, strict, strict," the mother of three said in an interview. The Atkins diet is a low carb diet which was introduced in the 1960s by cardiologist Robert C Atkins. According to the Mayo Clinic, "The Atkins Diet restricts carbs (carbohydrates) while focusing on protein and fats."

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What did Kim do before she was famous?

Kardashian began her career in retail, telling Variety in a new interview: I worked at a clothing store for four years. I loved it. When I turned 16, my dad made me sign a contract — he made us sign contracts for everything — that if I hit my car, I would be responsible for paying for it.

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What nationality are Kardashians?

Their mother is of Scottish and Dutch ancestry, while their father was a third-generation Armenian-American. In 1991, their parents divorced and their mother married Bruce Jenner, the 1976 Summer Olympics decathlon winner.

What kardashian am i? (2024)

Did Kim Kardashian pass the bar?

Even after previously failed attempts she studied harder and eventually the reality star passed! Kim Kardashian has not passed the California general bar exam yet. However, she did pass the baby bar exam in December 2021, which is a first-year law student's examination.

Are the Kardashians a good role model?

Despite a controversial start with a scandalous sex tape and suggestive photoshoots, the Kardashians have become a force to be reckoned with. The Kardashian family has become role models, especially for young women. Their success in business is remarkable, not only individually, but as a family.

Why do people love Kardashians?

People see themselves in the Kardashians and their family dynamic, and they are relatable in a way: They showed the entire process of Kris and then Bruce's separation and divorce. They showed the moment where Kendall and Kylie hit puberty. They showed the moments where Kourtney and Kim gave birth.

Who is the least wealthy Kardashian?

The Kardashian-Jenner rich list
  • Kim Kardashian - $1.4 billion.
  • Kylie Jenner - $750 million.
  • Kris Jenner - $170 million.
  • Kourtney Kardashian - $65 million.
  • Khloé Kardashian - $60 million.
  • = Kendall Jenner - $60 million.
  • Caitlyn Jenner - $25 million.
  • Rob Kardashian Jr. - $10 million.
Oct 28, 2023

Who are the richest and poorest Kardashians?

  • Kylie Jenner - $750 Million. Jon Kopaloff//Getty Images. ...
  • Kris Jenner - $230 Million. Daniele Venturelli//Getty Images. ...
  • Caitlyn Jenner - $100 Million. ...
  • Kourtney Kardashian - $65 Million. ...
  • Kendall Jenner - $60 Million. ...
  • Khloé Kardashian - $60 Million. ...
  • Scott Disick - $45 Million. ...
  • Rob Kardashian - $10 Million.

Who is richer Travis or Kylie?

Travis Scott net worth: How much is the singer and Kylie Jenner's boyfriend worth? Contrary to girlfriend Kylie Jenner's impressive $900 million net-worth, Travis Scott has an estimated net worth of $65 million.

Who is richer Oprah or Kim Kardashian?

Oprah Winfrey ($2.8 billion) narrowly missed the cut for the third time in a row after having made the ranks for 25-years straight. Celebrities Jay-Z ($2.5 billion) and Kim Kardashian ($1.7 billion), the wealthiest member of her family, still don't have enough to crack the top 400.

Who is No 1 richest person in world?

Elon Musk

Was Kim Kardashian Born a Millionaire?

Kim Kardashian was born into a wealthy family. Her father, Robert Kardashian, was an attorney and entrepreneur who famously defended O.J. Simpson during his murder trial. His net worth was an estimated $30 million.

Which Kardashian has a degree?

Kourtney Kardashian - Kim Kardashian may think her older sister is the least interesting to look at, but she's the only one with a college degree out of her Kar-Jenner siblings. Kourtney graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor's in theater arts with a minor in Spanish.

What degree does Kim Kardashian have?

But she never graduated, meaning she does not hold a college degree. The Calabasas-based star is in luck, though: California, as well as three other U.S. states, offers another way to pass the bar by “reading the law” — interning or apprenticing with a practicing lawyer or judge.

Who trained Kim Kardashian?

Kim, 42, flaunted her slim physique as she posed with her trainer Senada Greca on Instagram.

What did Kendall do to her lips?

Kendall Jenner's Lip Injection

Lip injections are a common procedure for many celebrities, and Kendall Jenner is no exception. Since Kendall Jenner lip injections, when she was too young, Kendall Jenner lips have gotten bigger and bigger over the years. She's had them injected multiple times.


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