Am 860 portland? (2024)

Am 860 portland?

JAM'N 107.5 - Portland's #1 for Hip Hop and Throwbacks.

What is the best rap station in Portland?

JAM'N 107.5 - Portland's #1 for Hip Hop and Throwbacks.

What is Portland's #1 hit music station?

Z100 Portland - Portland's #1 Hit Music Station.

What is the alternative radio station in Portland?

Portland Alternative Music - KNRK-FM | 94.7 FM Portland.

What is the rock station in Portland Oregon?

105.9 The Brew - Portland's Rock Station.

What city has the biggest rap scene?

Although the music scene of Atlanta is rich and varied, the city's production of hip-hop music has been especially noteworthy, acclaimed, and commercially successful. In 2009, The New York Times called Atlanta "hip-hop's center of gravity", and the city is home to many famous hip hop, R&B, and neo soul musicians.

Which city has the best rap?

ATLANTA - Move over New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago, the South's got something to say. Atlanta is now the top rap city in the world.

What is the hip hop station in Portland Oregon?

The Numberz

What radio station is 100.3 in Portland?

KKRZ (100.3 MHz) is a commercial FM radio station in Portland, Oregon, known as Z100. It is owned by iHeartMedia and airs a Top 40 (CHR) radio format.

Does Portland have good music?

Home to indie darlings and internationally acclaimed artists alike (think Pink Martini, Esperanza Spalding, The Decemberists, The Shins and Elliot Smith), Portland is a haven for music lovers.

What is the indie music radio in Portland?

ALT 102.3 - Portland's New Alternative.

What radio station is 94.7 in Portland?

KNRK (94.7 FM) is a commercial radio station licensed to Camas, Washington, serving the Portland metropolitan area. It is owned by Audacy, Inc.

What is the independent radio station in Portland?

Freeform Portland is a nonprofit, independent, community-driven radio station broadcasting live at KFFP-LP 90.3 FM and KFFD-LP 98.3 FM in the Portland metropolitan area and streaming online at

What is the best classic rock station in Portland Oregon?

Portland Classic Rock - KGON-FM | 92.3 FM KGON.

What radio station plays Christmas music in Portland OR?

Listen Tonight At 6pm! Listen NOW On iHeartRadio!

What station is classic rock in Oregon?

List of radio stations
Call signFrequencyFormat
KBOY-FM95.7 FMClassic rock
KBPS1450 AMEducational
KBSF-LP100.7 FMEthnic/Slavic
KBVM88.3 FMCatholic Religious
94 more rows

What city has the hottest rappers right now?

In making its determinations, the mag weighed factors such as impact and influence, measured through statistics of each city's most popular artists and their effect on the genre at large. The full top 10 Best Rap Cities Right Now, according to Complex: Atlanta (No. 1), New York (No. 2), Chicago (No.

What city is named most in songs?

The 10 most sung about places in the world:
  • New York, USA – 161 songs.
  • London, UK – 102 songs.
  • Los Angeles, USA – 87 songs.
  • California, USA – 68 songs.
  • Hollywood, USA – 66 songs.
  • Paris, France – 52 songs.
  • Miami, USA – 46 songs.
  • New Orleans, USA – 43 songs.
Jan 12, 2019

What cities listen to Eminem the most?

Cities with the Most Eminem Monthly Spotify Listeners 975k - London 934k - Mexico City 845k - L.A. 730k - Chicago 720k - Sydney This is interesting...

Who is the greatest rapper of all time?

The top rankings were unveiled on February 8, 2023, which crowned Jay-Z the greatest rapper of all time and Nicki Minaj the greatest female rapper of all time. It sparked multiple debates within the hip hop industry, many of whom criticized the publications and artists featured in the premier positions.

Which state are most rappers from?

Birthed in New York 50 years ago, rap was further fortified in Los Angeles, and more recently cascaded to the top in Atlanta whilst expanding well past its homeland's borders to blossom in cities abroad like London.

What state did rap start in?

Stemming from the hip-hop cultural movement, rap music originated in the Bronx, New York City, in the early 1970s and became part of popular music later that decade.

Where is the hip part of Portland?

Southeast Portland embodies many of Portland's best-known attributes: hip, artsy, quirky, foody. It's home to popular neighborhoods, lively food-and-drink districts, peaceful parks and more.

What is Channel 49 in Portland?

ATSC 3.0 station
ChannelsDigital: 30 (UHF) Virtual: 49
BrandingFox 12 Plus
Affiliations49.1: MyNetworkTV 49.2: Ion Mystery 49.3: Circle 49.4: Court TV
21 more rows

What is the best country station in Portland?

Portland Country Music - KWJJ-FM | 99.5 FM The Wolf.


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