Sofifa Career Mode (2024)

1. FIFA 22 Career Mode Potential Search - FUTWIZ

  • Search the FIFA 22 Career Mode Database to find players potentials and stats.

  • Search the FIFA 22 Career Mode Database to find players potentials and stats

2. Sofifa - Operation Sports Forums

  • Oct 27, 2021 · Once your career mode moves beyond that data, it becomes less and less reliable. Yeah, you can still look up potential, but generated players ...

  • How many of you use Sofifa to scout players for Career Mode? Do any of you consider it an exploit/cheat? Just generally interested, I'm on the fence

3. FIFA 23 Career Mode Potential Search - FUTWIZ

4. Top 100 Strikers (Best ST) on FC 24 - FIFA Ratings

  • Among the Striker on FC 24, Kylian Mbappé has the highest rating followed by Erling Haaland in second and Harry Kane in third. Below are the Top 100 Players ...

  • A Striker (ST) is a team's primary scoring threat. Find out who the best Striker are on FC 24.

5. FIFA 23 Nexus - Mods and Community

6. Lamine Yamal – Eindelijk in FC 24. Dit zijn z'n stats! - FIFA world

  • Jun 16, 2024 · Voor nu kunnen de career mode liefhebbers het talent al gebruiken. ... Kijk bij SoFifa. Lees ook. Hier kijk je het EK 2024 in Spaarndam.

  • Lamine Yamal is het wonderkind van FC Barcelona. Lang leek het erop dat we moesten wachten op FC 25 voordat hij zijn toetreding zou maken tot de FIFA games. Toch is Lamine Yamal eindelijk toegevoegd aan FC 24! Natuurlijk is Lamine Yamal ook mee naar het EK 2024. Wij vertellen waarom, wat zijn stats zijn

7. FC 24 Path to Glory Youssouf Fofana Objectives Guide - RealSport101

  • 5 days ago · FC 24 Career Mode expert ... When he's not writing, he can be found deep in a Career Mode save or scouting SoFIFA for his next signing.

  • Here is a complete guide to the Youssouf Fofana Path to Glory Knockouts Objectives in FC 24 Ultimate Team.

8. FIFA 23 Nexus - Mods and Community

  • An overhaul of the Manager Career Mode that tweaks various aspects of the game. This mod touches on the Youth Academy, scouting, negotiations, match ratings ...

  • { "page": { "id": "z2r0qlpn1b3g", "name": "Nexus Mods", "url": "" }, "status": { "indicator": "maintenance", "description": "Service Under Maintenance" }, "components": [{"status":"under_maintenance","name":"Nexus Mods Website","created_at":"2024-01-23T13:02:45.226Z","updated_at":"2024-07-10T08:06:21.813Z","position":3,"description":"Main Website","showcase":false,"start_date":"2024-01-23T00:00:00.000Z","id":"n2nct4kfmf2c","page_id":"z2r0qlpn1b3g","group_id":null},{"status":"under_maintenance","name":"API","created_at":"2024-01-23T13:03:15.472Z","updated_at":"2024-07-10T08:06:21.827Z","position":4,"description":"Nexus Mods API","showcase":false,"start_date":"2024-01-23T00:00:00.000Z","id":"zltj2b90vyl2","page_id":"z2r0qlpn1b3g","group_id":null},{"status":"operational","name":"CDN","created_at":"2024-01-23T13:03:34.791Z","updated_at":"2024-06-27T00:30:02.235Z","position":5,"description":null,"showcase":false,"start_date":"2024-01-23T00:00:00.000Z","id":"5w6z2wq19gq4","page_id":"z2r0qlpn1b3g","group_id":null},{"status":"operational","name":"Forum","created_at":"2024-01-24T19:53:33.870Z","updated_at":"2024-07-10T08:06:44.422Z","position":6,"description":null,"showcase":false,"start_date":"2024-01-24T00:00:00.000Z","id":"2sjqt53ypkjk","page_id":"z2r0qlpn1b3g","group_id":null}], "incidents": [{"name":"Database Maintenance","status":"investigating","created_at":"2024-07-10T08:06:31.780Z","updated_at":"2024-07-10T08:06:3...

Sofifa Career Mode (2024)


What is the hardest FIFA 23 career mode? ›

1 UCD AFC, SSE Airtricity League Premier Division

UCD AFC is arguably the hardest team to rebuild in Europe inside the Career Mode of FIFA 23, and it is basically the university team for the University College Dublin. There are minimal funds to spend, and the young players are not highly rated.

How do you get the most out of FIFA 22 Career Mode? ›

Career Mode tips such as the ones listed below are a brilliant way for FIFA fans to rejuvenate their love for FIFA 22 Career Mode:
  1. Toy around with Game Settings. Never underestimate the power of the settings when you are aiming to have a fun career mode experience. ...
  2. Always start small. ...
  3. Get a New Job. ...
  4. Mods.

Is there a career in FIFA 22? ›

The FIFA 22 Player Career features an overhauled Player Growth system that puts the development of your created players in your hands. It's all about earning experience points (XP) and leveling up your player as you progress through your career.

Is there a career mode in FIFA 23? ›

Firstly we must give you a brief overview of the new features added to Career Mode on EA SPORTS™ FIFA 23. This year's title adds playable highlights, transfer analysis, authentic managers, new menus and a whole lot more. We will get into some of those features a bit later on but let's get you set up and ready to go.

What age do players decline FIFA 23 Career Mode? ›

Veteran players can also benefit from the development plans to try and slow down their decline. As a player reaches that 30+ age bracket their stats will start to decline. But with a development plan training some of those stats, you can reduce the decline and enable them to play a lot longer.

Is FIFA 23 Career Mode endless? ›

on PC the career is 15 years long after that you receive a mail from the last club you were playing for that they have heard about your retirement and will like to give you a fancy dinner with the team because of all the things you did for the club.

Can you improve weak foot in manager career mode? ›

Re: Can i improve my weak foot skill in career mode like i do in a pro career? Yes, you can improve your weak foot skill but I am pretty sure the only way to get specific power for your weak foot is the skill point. Otherwise, regular power and other shooting stats apply to both feet.

How to make FIFA career mode more fun? ›

FIFA 23: Tips on How to Keep Player Career Mode Fun
  1. Start small, earn big.
  2. Find Settings that suits you.
  3. Gameplay Speed and Difficulty: Find a difficulty in which you can score at least 1 or 2 goals on average per match. ...
  4. Gameplay Sliders: If the above difficulty isn't hard enough.
May 14, 2023

What is the most attacking formation in FIFA 22 Career Mode? ›

The best FIFA 22 formation

This 4-1-2-1-2 formation is narrow, which means that there are a lot of players in the middle of the pitch, making it very congested. This slows your opponent down, but it is also a formation that lets you attack quickly, helping you catch opposition teams on the counter.

Who has the highest potential in FIFA career? ›

Kylian Mbappe

How long is career mode in FIFA 22? ›

If the maximum still 15 seasons for player career mode in fifa 22? : r/FifaCareers.

Can you get traded in FIFA 23 Career Mode? ›

To request a transfer, players must select the "My Actions" tab underneath "My Pro," where several options exist alongside the desired choice. Beyond choosing to transfer, players can retire or request a loan spell, which becomes more important should their current contract not allow a transfer request at that time.

What's the hardest difficulty in FIFA 23? ›

Difficulty Levels
DifficultyAttacking IntelligenceReaction Speed
World Class75%80%
4 more rows

What is the best career mode team FIFA 23? ›

OneFootball Videos
  1. AFC Richmond. Do you believe in AFC Richmond? ...
  2. Newcastle United. Starting with a team with a budget of hundreds of millions of dollars in Career Mode is fun for a transfer window or two, but afterwards it starts to grate. ...
  3. Marseille. ...
  4. Hertha Berlin. ...
  5. Nottingham Forest.

Is there ultimate difficulty in FIFA 23 Career Mode? ›

The Ultimate difficulty in fifa 23 career mode is awful. First of all, when playing against good teams, the moment you have scored an goal, it feels like it is scripted that the opposing team has a buff or whatever that scores directly after you scored.

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