Dark Souls 2: All Twinblades, Ranked (2024)

The Twinblades are a group of weapons that only exist inDark Souls 2. They are a variant of bladed weapons that are essentially a staff with whole swordson both ends, forming a unique polearm that must be held from the middle of the shaft. Due to their unique design and manner of wielding, they provide one of the most fun, and deadly, playstyles for melee builds.

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Although they require the player to get right up in their opponent's face to be fully effective, as a result of their surprisingly short reach, they can unleash such a rapid storm of slashes that Twinblades can stagger a greater number of enemies than anything short of the greatweapons. Although competent as one-handed weapons, they have much faster and deadliest movesets when two-handed or power-stanced with another Twinblade. There are 6 to be found inDark Souls 2, and each will be useful for different builds, however, there's a clear order of which ones are more ideal for combat due to their higher attack stats, scaling, and how cool they look with a player's fashionable armor.

6 Twinblade

Dark Souls 2: All Twinblades, Ranked (1)

This ornate dual-bladed weapon is possibly the first of its weapon class that players will find, as it is located in the early area of The Lost Bastille. Its simple name is a great indication of the nature of the Twinblade, for it is undeniably the most basic in terms of stats and scaling, despite its elegant appearance.

At the Regular +10 upgrade, this weapon obtains 150 physical attack along with C-tier scaling in both Strength and Dexterity, making it rather lackluster in terms of damage output, even for a dedicated quality build. However, if given an elemental infusion, the Twinblade will get exactly even split damage and B-tier scaling in whatever element they've been infused with. For example, at the +10 Fire upgrade, it receives 105 for both the physical and fire attack stats in addition to B-tier scaling with fire damage. Due to the fast attack speed of this multi-strike armament, Poison or Bleed infusions would not be a bad choice either as this weapon class can build up status bars very quickly. What the Twinblade lacks in power it makes up for in versatility.

5 Sorcerer's Twinblade

Dark Souls 2: All Twinblades, Ranked (2)

The Sorcerer's Twinblade stands out among its kind for being the only Twinblade that is able to cast spells. It cannot be used for hexes, pyromancies, or miracles, but can be a great melee weapon for a dedicated sorcery build, for it scales very well with the stats such a playstyle will be focusing on if upgraded accordingly. It can be found in the Crown of the Ivory King DLC at Eleum Loyce after one defeats Aava, the King's Pet, which causes the frost around the chest containing it to melt so that it can be opened.


Since its E-tier scaling that it comes with for Strength and Dexterity are abysmal, casters desiring to make this their primary melee weapon should give this dual-blade a Magic infusion. At the max Magic upgrade of +10, it attains 97 magic and 63 dark attack while also gaining C-tier with magic damage scaling. These are certainly viable stats, however, they still pale in comparison to most others of this weapon class from the developers gimping its melee potential for game-balance.

4 Stone Twinblade

Dark Souls 2: All Twinblades, Ranked (3)

As a rare drop from the stone soldier enemies in Drangleic Castle, it can take some time to get this from farming. Thankfully, the King's Gate bonfire is located very close to a large group of stone soldiers, making each farming run relatively painless. Keep in mind that the soldiers need to be awakened and in combat-mode to drop anything.

The Stone Twinblade is a great weapon for Strength Builds, as at the +10 regular upgrade, it achieves a solid A-tier in the Strength stat along with a small bonus in damage from the D-tier scaling with Dexterity. The 180 physical attack it gains can be devastating against enemies of all kinds, with only some bosses, mini-bosses, and the biggest foes able to resist being staggered.

3 Curved Twinblade

Dark Souls 2: All Twinblades, Ranked (4)

Players who love katanas should definitely try this weapon out on a future playthrough, as the Curved Twinblades are essentially two of these refined easternswords bound together by a mid-shaft handle. To get this crimson-wrapped weapon, the Bearer of the Curse will need to join the Covenant of Blood and attain rank 1.

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As a unique weapon, the Curved Twinblade can only be upgraded to +5, however, this does not hinder it too much as its unique features grant it great viability. Much like the katanas it resembles, this weapon comes with an innate bleed effect, which is incredibly useful on this weapon due to its fast, consecutive strikes. The Regular upgrade path is not a bad option, as it receives 170 physical attack, B-tier scaling in Dexterity (as well as E-tier in Strength), and 40 points of bleed build-up per strike, however, the Bleed infusion results in similar stats but with much greater status ailment application. For comparison, the Bleed infusion grants 163 physical attack, C-tier scaling with Dexterity (retaining the E-tier in Strength), and a sizable 57 points of bleed build-up per wicked slash.

2 Dragonrider Twinblade

Dark Souls 2: All Twinblades, Ranked (5)

The fancy design of this boss weapon is aesthetically pleasing, though, the Dragonrider Twinblade is more than a showpiece. Gained by trading theDragonrider Soul with Straid of Olaphis, this weapon can be acquired relatively early in the game, making it a great companion to travel Drangleic with.

As it comes with innate split damage between physical and magic attack (generously favoring physical attack), it can be an excellent choice for a Magic infusion, as at the max upgrade of +5, it gets better stats than the Regular upgrade path. When built up to its maximum potential through the Magic infusion, this Twinblade gets 142 physical and 157 magic attack as well as E-tier scaling in Strength, D-tier in Dexterity, and a notable B-tier with magic damage, which make it a formidable armament against many adversaries.

1 Red Iron Twinblade

Dark Souls 2: All Twinblades, Ranked (6)

Despite its rusty appearance, the Red Iron Twinblade is the most powerful of its kind. Found on a corpse in the Shrine of Amana, it is found later on than most other Twinblades, thereby making it a great replacement for other weapons that begin to fade in power at later stages of the game. Being paired with the appropriate rings can result in even more satisfying results.

This is a weapon meant for a Strength build, as it requires 26 points in this stat to even be wielded properly, though it also gets great scaling in this same area for similar reasons. At the +10 Regular upgrade level, the Red Iron Twinblade receives a huge 340 physical attack, greater than any other Twinblade, and an excellent A-tier in Strength scaling. By being able to do damage that puts it on par with greatweapons, while also being sinisterly swift, this weapon can cleave through an opponent's health and poise with the utmost ease, allowing its wielder to be a near indomitable force.


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Dark Souls 2: All Twinblades, Ranked (2024)
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