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Gold bars in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2) are a coveted commodity. They offer a hefty sum when sold to a fence, allowing you to upgrade your weapons, gear, and camp much faster. But with a vast and detailed open world like RDR2, finding these golden treasures can be a challenge. Worry not, pardner! This guide will equip you with the knowledge to unearth these hidden riches, turning you from a dusty cowpoke to a gilded gunslinger.

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Early Gold on the Tracks: Derailed Train Wreck (Chapter 2)

One of the earliest opportunities to score gold bars comes in Chapter 2. Head southwest of Cotorra Springs, following the train tracks that lead east across Granite Pass. You’ll encounter a derailed train carriage lying precariously in a ravine. This wreck offers more than just scenery; it holds two gleaming gold bars!

However, claiming your prize requires some light climbing. As you approach the wreckage, you’ll see several train cars on their sides and one precariously upright against the cliffside. This upright car is your target. Climb the hill to the right of the train, then maneuver under the tracks and circle to the left. There, you’ll find a small path leading down the cliff. Take caution and crouch as you descend. Once you reach the bottom, enter the open-topped car to find your golden bounty alongside some aged pirate rum and valerian root.

Justice Doesn’t Pay Well (But Its Loot Does): Sheriff’s Office in Limpany (Chapter 3)

Limpany, a once-bustling town south of Horseshoe Overlook, now lies in ruins. However, its misfortune presents a golden opportunity for you. After completing the “Spines of America” story mission, head to the dilapidated Sheriff’s Office building. Inside, look behind the Sheriff’s desk for a treasure chest nestled on the ground. Crack it open to reveal a single gold bar, along with a pamphlet for that ever-important horse stimulant.

Caution: While this gold bar is relatively easy to obtain, remember Limpany is no longer under the law’s protection. Be wary of lingering enemies who might try to separate you from your newfound wealth.

Burned Out Bounty: Braithwaite Manor (Chapter 4)

Braithwaite Manor, once a symbol of opulence, becomes a charred shell by Chapter 4. However, the flames couldn’t consume everything, especially not hidden riches. Head down to Lemoyne’s Braithwaite Manor, south of Rhodes. Enter the burned-out main building and navigate to the room just past the unfortunate soul who couldn’t escape the fire. Look for the west wall, opposite the corpse. There, you’ll find a lockbox containing a single gold bar, a small consolation prize for the manor’s fiery demise.

Treasure Hunter’s Tip: Remember, lockboxes require lockpicks to open. Make sure you have some in your inventory before heading to Braithwaite Manor.

Speaking of Hidden Gems: The Secret Gold Bar Near Rhodes (Chapter 4-6)

While not as readily available as the previous locations, a secret gold bar awaits those who lend a helping hand (or a well-placed bullet) near Rhodes. East of Shady Belle, just south of the “C” in Crawdad Willies on the map, you might encounter escaped prisoners. Helping them (or not) can lead them to reveal the location of a hidden treasure.

The gold bar itself is cleverly concealed. Head east of the “S” in Rhodes by the train tracks. Look for two large boulders just southwest of the tracks. Inspect the left-hand boulder, and voila! Your reward for good samaritanism (or perhaps opportunistic scavenging) awaits.

Uncertain Proposition: There seems to be some debate on whether you need to help the escaped prisoners multiple times to trigger the reveal of the gold bar location. It’s best to befriend them whenever you encounter them, just in case.

Follow the Map to Riches: The Sketched Map and the Gold Bar (Chapter 4-6)

This method requires a little more treasure hunting spirit but offers a worthy reward. East of the “n” in Roanoke Ridge, you’ll find a small red cottage. Look under the fireplace for a hidden “Sketched Map”. This map depicts a location near the “R” in Kamassa River, north of the Elysian Pool.

Head to the marked location on the map and search the rocks north of the small tree by the cliffside. Inspect closely, and you’ll find a cleverly hidden gold bar waiting to be claimed.

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How much are gold bars worth in RDR2?

One gold bar will fetch you a hefty sum of $500 at a fence. This makes them one of the most valuable sellable items in the game.

Where can I find gold bars in RDR2?

There are several ways to get your hands on gold bars, some requiring more effort than others. Here’s a breakdown of the most common methods:

Treasure hunting: RDR2 features hidden treasure maps scattered throughout the world. These maps often lead to caches containing gold bars, along with other valuables. Keep an eye out for these maps during your exploration.

Specific locations: Certain locations hold hidden gold bars waiting to be discovered. Some notable spots include:

Limpany Sheriff’s Office: After completing the “Spines of America” story mission, head to Limpany and loot the sheriff’s office. A gold bar awaits you behind the desk.

Derailed Train near Cotorra Springs: Follow the train tracks east of Granite Pass until you see a derailed train in a ravine. Climb the cliffs next to the upright car to find two gold bars inside.

Braithewaite Manor (Chapter 4): After reaching Chapter 4, explore the burnt-down Braithwaite Manor. Inside the charred remains, you’ll find a lockbox containing a gold bar.

Secret Gold Bar near Rhodes (requires interaction): Speak with the escaped prisoners east of Shady Belle to get a tip about a hidden gold bar near Rhodes. Inspect the large boulders by the train tracks east of the “S” in Rhodes to find it.

Are there any other ways to get gold bars?

Robbing NPCs and wagons: While risky, robbing NPCs carrying valuables or looting wagons occasionally yields gold bars. However, the chance is low, and the legal repercussions can be severe.

Glitch exploits (not recommended): Some glitches in the game allow players to duplicate gold bars. However, these exploits are often patched in updates, and using them can lead to corrupted save files. It’s best to stick to legitimate methods.

What’s the fastest way to get gold bars?

Treasure maps: Once you acquire a treasure map, finding the hidden location is often quicker than searching for scattered gold bars. Focus on finding and completing treasure maps for a more efficient gold bar hunt.

Hunting perfect pelts: While not directly gold bars, hunting perfect pelts and selling them to trappers can generate a significant amount of cash. You can then use this cash to buy expensive items and sell them to fences for a profit, essentially converting your cash into gold bars indirectly.

Tips for finding gold bars:

Eagle Eye is your friend: Use Eagle Eye to highlight lootable objects and hidden stashes, making it easier to spot gold bars during your exploration.

Pay attention to details: Look for suspicious areas or landmarks mentioned in treasure maps or clues from escaped prisoners.

Search looted locations thoroughly: Sometimes, gold bars can be tucked away in drawers, behind furniture, or even under floorboards. Don’t just skim the surface; give looted locations a good once-over.

Where can I sell gold bars?

Gold bars can only be sold to fences. These disreputable merchants operate outside the law and will buy your ill-gotten gains, including gold bars, for a fair price. Look for fence icons on your mini-map, usually marked with a money bag symbol.

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A Guide to Gold Bar Locations in Red Dead Redemption 2 - Leedsjournal (2024)
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